Project Description


Software for the technical management and control of productive parameters in insemination centers.

  • Perfectly adaptable to the needs of the user. It allows to standardise the work process.
  • Gesipor coordinates all processes that are part of the MAGAPOR INTEGRATED SYSTEM.


  • Gesipor 2.0

  • Gesipor 3.0


  • Management of boars: Location, race, age, eartags, states, extractions, sanitary actions, …
  • Gesipor 3.0 adds genetic info (line, EBV, pedigree), growth and feed (GMD, IC, weight), historical status and location, …


  • Planning of extractions (number of doses, % of abnormal forms, …).
  • Register of all technical data related to the ejaculate analysis.
  • Planning configuration of the next extractions.
  • Work with total or useful concentration.
  • Simultaneous multipoint function in analysis-dilution-packaging.


  • Treatments or vaccinations with traceability of lots, dates, operators, pending or treated boars, …
  • Biosafety and hygiene: Control of cleaning of facilities, silos, water analytics, visit book, …


  • Module of information of customers, management of daily orders and delivery notes. Register of the doses sent to each customer (number, race, type, …).
  • Greater agility and new fields in the preparation of orders and delivery notes for more information.


  • Stock of raw materials (extender, bags, …) Complete traceability of the materials used.
  • Previous validation of raw materials (previous quality control).


  • Management of the information. Statistics and reports about boars, extractions, treatments, customers and productivity.
  • Multi-filters.
  • Productivity report of the center.

  • Characteristics marked with a black dot are available in both versions of Gesipor.

  • Characteristics marked with an orange dot are available only in Gesipor 3.0 version.